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Information and Conversation for the Parent Entering the Hockey World
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Dads Hockey Talk
What We Do Here
This site is dedicated to the exploration of Hockey from the perspective of a Dad who didn't know a thing about the sport.  And I mean - nothing!  With help from friends, research and talking with coaches, pros, players and other hockey dads - I've realized - this is a great sport with lots of information to share.

So, if you're just starting out in this crazy world of hockey?  Don't worry, there have been many Parents that have skated this pond before you and soon you'll be one of the seasoned pro's.  I'll share information, tips and resources to help navigate the questions on equipment, skating, classes, leagues and everything you can imagine to help support your child.  Before you know it, you'll be hooked and wanting to get on the ice too.  And, I hope you do!
Hockey Talk
  1. Hockey Fun Facts
    Answers to some crazy and fun hockey questions. Hockey facts every fans should know.
  2. These Mittens - Guest Article
    Featuring guest contributor - Kelly Biondi A HOCKEY MOMS' TALE OF HER LAST 10 YEARS He might have been four years old when these mittens held his tiny hands as he stood on the ice for the first time.  They held him while he learned to skate and picked him up after he fell. Soon, he had learned to get up on his own and they cheered him on. They kept me warm while he skated for hours and hours on the outdoors rinks, only stopping when the lights were shut off at the end of the day.  These mittens
  3. How to Choose a Hockey Stick
    How to Choose a Hockey Stick A few weeks ago I wrote about taping your stick (How to Tape Your Stick).  I probably should have taken the first step which is actually choosing your stick.  Lot’s of choices out there in multiple configurations that can get into some high prices.  However, you can also get a good starter stick for around $30 at your local shop.  You’ll have to make some considerations on the configuration of your stick, keeping in mind the lower end price points have less
  4. Youth Hockey
    How Much is Too Much? I’ve often wondered what is considered excessive when it comes to something you love. Assuming it’s not something detrimental to your health, illegal or harmful to yourself or others. But, the question is - how much is too much? Last Saturday, my 11 year old son (the impetus of this site) spent five hours on the ice. One hour lesson, one hour of practice, then invited to another team's practice immediately following, another hour. Take a two hour break with lots of food,