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Information and Conversation for the Parent Entering the Hockey World
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Dads Hockey Talk
What We Do Here
This site is dedicated to the exploration of Hockey from the perspective of a Dad who didn't know a thing about the sport.  And I mean - nothing!  With help from friends, research and talking with coaches, pros, players and other hockey dads - I've realized - this is a great sport with lots of information to share.

So, if you're just starting out in this crazy world of hockey?  Don't worry, there have been many Parents that have skated this pond before you and soon you'll be one of the seasoned pro's.  I'll share information, tips and resources to help navigate the questions on equipment, skating, classes, leagues and everything you can imagine to help support your child.  Before you know it, you'll be hooked and wanting to get on the ice too.  And, I hope you do!
Hockey Talk
  1. Hockey Bag without Wheels
    Most hockey players carry a few extra items in their hockey bag to help them with their game and enjoy the sport. Here are a few items that my son can’t live without.
  2. How to Tape Your Stick
    It's a fact - you must tape your stick. Learn some great tips and information on why and how to tape your hockey stick.
  3. You Need a Bigger Car - for Your Equipment
    You Need a Bigger Car. My 11 year old son is 5 feet tall; his hockey bag is 5’ 3” - and, completely packed!  It probably weighs about as much as he does and certainly is wider than him.  If you are taking more than one child to hockey practice (car pooling is a great thing) you’ll need a bigger car.  Really. There’s a fair amount of hockey equipment that’s required for your child to play safe and secure on the ice.
  4. Buying Hockey Skates
    Buying Hockey Skates Probably the most critical piece of equipment for playing hockey has to be the hockey skate.  You can’t get on the ice without them.  As you begin your search for that perfect skate, you’ll soon realize there are a ton of things to consider.  I’m not going to detail all of the fine points today, but I’ll give the top three things to consider as well as some great resources for further review. Sizing Be prepared - it may sound completely ridiculous, but hockey skates should