Hockey, Ice Skating and Surprise from my 10 year old

I remember the day when my son stated that he wanted to play hockey.  I thought to myself “Hockey?  You can hardly stand on skates let alone play hockey.”  But, of course, wanting to support my 10-year-old son in his new found passion I said “Sure.  But, let’s start skating and see what we need to do.”  Little did I know that hockey would become not just a fleeting passion of the week, but an all consuming force in my son’s life.  The adventure begins.

This site is dedicated to the exploration of Hockey from the perspective of a Dad who didn’t know a thing about the sport.  And I mean – nothing!  With help from friends, research and talking with coaches, pros, players and other hockey dads – I’ve realized – this is a great sport with lots of information to share.

So, if you’re just starting out in this crazy world of hockey?  Don’t worry, there have been many Dads that have skated this pond before you and soon you’ll be one of the seasoned pro’s.  I’ll share information, tips, and resources to help navigate the questions on equipment, skating, classes, leagues and everything you can imagine to help support your child.  Before you know it, you’ll be hooked and wanting to get on the ice too.  And, I hope you do!

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